Vogue Italy:

For Vogue Italy’s PhotoVogue, I was selected as the top photographer in the category ‘Still Life’ in 2016. Here is my PhotoVogue portfolio:

Goralska Residence:


I’m always down to try out a new camera, so I was immediately interested in Lomography’s pitch to send me their Lomo’Instant Square camera to test shoot for a week. They published my favorite photos on their magazine:


C-Heads is known for it’s provocative sexual imagery, so I decided to give my own spin to their theme and photograph my grandmother and her two best friends. In a Vienna based production, we booked three hotel rooms at an hourly hotel and waltzed in; my light assistant, three 80+ year old ladies ready to play dress up, and me. See the full article online:

Kneon Magazine

For Kneon Magazines ‘Young at Heart’ edition, I photographed an editorial about the stuff that always reminds me of being a kid.

See magazine here:

Vice Austria:

In 2015, VICE was scouting for the most provocative images to summarize American culture on the 4th of July. So I created this for them.

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